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Oxford Vaughan Luxury Sunglasses Are Now Available To Clients Of Rose & White Fine Tailoring

Oxford Vaughan is pleased to announce that their collection of luxury sunglasses is now available to clients of Rose & White fine tailoring.

Rose & White clients will now be able to view, try and purchase Oxford Vaughan sunglasses, during their consultation with Rose & White’s in-house master tailors.



Since their establishment in 1945, Rose & White have always taken pride in dressing men well at all times, and creating the perfect wardrobe for any of their discerning clientele. Using their 65 years of experience, knowledge and craftsmanship, as well as the finest bespoke cloths and materials, Rose & White aim to give every client the ultimate personal tailoring service, without compromise.

The Oxford Vaughan collection of luxury sunglasses is the perfect addition to the Rose & White personal tailoring service. Individually handmade over 140 stages of precision engineering, Oxford Vaughan sunglasses are crafted using only the finest materials and components, including aircraft grade titanium, Carl Zeiss lenses, and some of the World’s most precious metals – yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Rose & White clients will now be able to complete their wardrobe with Oxford Vaughan’s range of the finest, most beautifully engineered, and most luxurious sunglasses.

Rose & White currently have fitting rooms in Savile Row, Hatton Garden, and Leeds. For your own personalised tailoring consultation, and to view the Oxford Vaughan collection, you can contact Rose & White on 0808 156 7755.

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